Crash repair

Karl Vella Workington

Return your Volkswagen vehicle to Perfect

As a Volkswagen approved bodyshop, Karl Vella Workington can provide a repair estimate to give to your insurance company or for your own use.

Authentic Volkswagen parts and paint

Volkswagen trained technicians

All done to Volkswagen quality standards

Here at Karl Vella Workington, we are intent on delivering your vehicle back to you in its original condition.

Our Volkswagen Approved Accident Repair Centre offers a full range of body repair services ensuring your car is kept in excellent condition, using the same Volkswagen parts and paint* that made your vehicle special to begin with. We are dedicated to making it as easy and convenient for you as possible.

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Karl Vella Workington
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Volkswagen Repair Authenticity Guarantee

The Volkswagen Repair Guarantee* offers you genuine Volkswagen parts, Volkswagen trained technicians and high quality, genuine paint, ensuring your Volkswagen vehicle remains a Volkswagen vehicle throughout.

To make sure your car is repaired to the best possible standard, ask your approved bodyshop for a Volkswagen Repair Authenticity Guarantee certificate.

*Subject to your insurance policy terms and conditions.

Approved crash repairer