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Let our Experts Return your Volkswagen to Perfect

You can trust our Volkswagen Approved Accident Repair Centres to repair your car with genuine parts and highly skilled expert paint and bodywork technicians.

Our expansive network of Volkswagen Approved Accident Repair Centres offers a full range of bodywork repair services to ensure any crash, scratch, bump or dent is completely invisible on your Volkswagen vehicle.

Our Repair Centres will use the same high-quality parts and the exact shade of paint that made your Volkswagen special to begin with.

Our 3-year Repair Authenticity Guarantee* is your guarantee that we have used genuine Volkswagen parts and paint, specialist Volkswagen technicians and Volkswagen approved repair methods.

Choosing a Volkswagen Approved Repair Centre is the only way to ensure that your Volkswagen remains a Volkswagen.

*To ensure your Volkswagen was repaired to the highest quality, collect your Volkswagen Accident Repair Authenticity Guarantee certificate when your vehicle repair is complete.

Approved crash repairer

Choosing to repair your Volkswagen with one of our Approved Repairers means you can trust our experts to return your car to perfect. Our Volkswagen Repairers use genuine Volkswagen parts and Volkswagen specified paint, which are designed to bring your vehicle back to its original condition and ensure an immaculate finish.

So, for complete peace of mind, choose a Volkswagen Approved Repairer to ensure a genuine repair.

Approved crash repairer

Your Volkswagen is built with advanced materials and parts engineered to work together to ensure your safety. It’s designed to protect you in the event of an accident, so any repairs made to your Volkswagen vehicle are very important. Our expert technicians are trained to ensure your protection using Volkswagen approved repair methods and equipment.

So choose to repair your Volkswagen vehicle with an Approved Accident Repair Centre, because no one knows your Volkswagen better than the people who built it.

Approved crash repairer

Our 3-year Repair Authenticity Guarantee means you can have absolute confidence that our Volkswagen Approved Repairer will return your Volkswagen vehicle to the highest possible standard.

So choose to repair your Volkswagen vehicle with an Approved Accident Repair Centre, because no-one knows your undefined better than the people who built it.

0% finance

Many of our Volkswagen Approved Repairers offer flexible payment options, including 0% finance.

Please ask for further details on contact.